Luyện dùng đại từ không xác định qua 12 câu hỏi



Điền những từ sau vào chỗ chấm (mỗi đáp án có thể chọn hai lần)

Everywhere Nowhere Someone Anything Something Somewhere
Everybody Anywhere Nobody Anyone Everything

1. I looked… for my cat, but I couldn’t find it.

2. James called his friend, but… answered the phone.

3. I didn’t go… on the weekend, so I was really bored.

4. Let’s get… to eat after our class.

5. Did you hear that? I think… rang the doorbell.

6. … was on time. No one was late.

7. I didn’t eat… for lunch, so I’m really hungry now.

8. Linda understood… that her teacher said.

9. I had to go because all the shops were closed.

10. … came to school because it was a holiday.

11. Femando wants to go… interesting next summer.

12. Was… at home when you knocked on the door?

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